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About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on diagnosing, treating and preventing disorders of the musculoskeletal system, particularly those related to the spine. Chiropractors take a hands-on approach to manipulate and adjust the spine to alleviate pain, improve function, and promote overall well-being.  

Beyond spinal issues, chiropractic care can also be beneficial for treating conditions such as headaches, migraines, sciatica, and various musculoskeletal injuries. Additionally, at Peak Performance we can provide guidance for stretches, exercises, and various lifestyle modifications to complement chiro care and maintain overall health. 

Why Choose Chiro? 

What sets Chiropractic care apart from other healthcare practices is its holistic approach. Chiropractors emphasize the interconnection between the spine, nervous system, and overall body function. Chiropractic care is perfect for anyone seeking natural, non-invasive treatment options for various musculoskeletal conditions. 

What To Expect

Prior to your first appointment, you will fill out a new patient intake form, which lets us know about everything that's bothering you, as well as some of your health history. 

When you arrive to your appointment you will meet with one of our doctors, who will then discuss your problems and create a plan to tackle them. Your doctor might order X-Rays at this time in order to get a better view of your body before you get adjusted. 

At your second appointment, you will go over your X-Rays with your doctor, decide what plan is going to work best for you, and start your care plan. 


Due to high demand, we currently have a waitlist for new patients. However, we are working to get in everyone we can as soon as possible. To be added to the waitlist, or if you have any further questions, please contact the office. 

(810) 652-6434
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