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Noninvasive Bioenergetic Testing takes an internal peek into your core health!

We begin each report with the 14 systems that represent your energetic health dial. Note the color coded key to the right that represents the measurement of stress. Typically each system can be impacted energetically by a nutritional imbalance, exposure to toxins, and emotional or physical stress that will be clear as the report continues. This is a starting point and from one scan to another, you’ll be able to select a scan date at the top of your report to see the progress you’ve made and areas to continue to work on.


See All 14 System Tested & Measured

Body Systems Performance Levels

In the first part of your health results you will see 14 major body system functions and the performance level indicated by a 0-100% scale. This will tell us where to begin our healing process and can show us accurate health tracking over a period of time. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 8.25.38 PM.png

Section One of the Report

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